Friday, April 01, 2011

Learning To Teach Online Online

UNSW has a series of "Learning To Teach Online Episodes". These consist of about twenty videos with sets of notes. The videos are five to then minutes each in interview format. The notes are about five pages of useful content, with some very useful references (and three pages of marketing material). This should be very useful for teachers new to online education and also for those more familiar with it but trying to convince their colleagues of the value. While useful the episodes are not perfect. Some of the videos are slow to load and PDF is not a good format for providing online education notes in (HTML would be better). As it is I see a large video window displaying a please wait icon and then have to click to get the notes, which then takes me away from the video window, then I come back to the video window and get more "please wait". It would be simpler to display the notes in the web page with a small window for the video.

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