Monday, April 18, 2011

Use of the Skills Framework for the Information Age by Australian Governments

The "Whole-of-government ICT strategic workforce plan 2010-2013" from the Australian Public Service Commission The whole-of-government strategic ICT Workforce Plan was underpinned the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). SFIA originated in the UK and so, not surprisingly there are many more mentions of it on UK government web pages (97) than the USA (2). What is surprising is that there are even more on Austrlaian governments web pages (127). However, 90 of these are from the Queensland Government, 6 from the SA Government. Of the 6 federal government references, three are in APSC reports, one is the ACS Submission on Higher Education, and one an archived discussion if the UK's use of SFIA. There appears to be only one instance of the Austrlaian Government mentioning SFIA in a job related web page (by IP Australia). Link

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