Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Science on Wheels

Science Library at the Unviersity of Western AustraliaGreetings from the new Science Library at the Unviersity of Western Australia. The library has a relatively conservative interior design, blending a traditional library with that of a new learning commons. The colour pallet is muted, with blond wood panelling matching the cream coloured concrete, which reflects the tones of limestone blocks of the campus's traditional buildings. There is a small reserve collection of books on the ground floor, enclosed in floor to ceiling glass, to show books still have a place in libraries. There is also a selection of new books and journals on display. There are rows of computers and some small work-group booths with chest high partitions. What is not noticeable at first is that most of the furniture, including tables and bookcases, are on wheels, allowing them to be easily rearranged. Apart from the reserve collection, there are no fixed walls in the space.

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