Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kogan Android Internet TV Portal

Kogan have announced the "Agora Internet TV Portal", a $200 box to provide a web service on a TV screen. This uses Internet software and may also be useful as a low cost thin client computer for web browsing. The unit has three USB ports as well as a TV type remote control. It may also be useful for digital signage. The hardware is more like that in a high end smart phone, than a desktop computer. It appears to have simialr specifications to the Agora 7" Tablet PC also announced. The processor is similar in power to that in an Apple TV, but as the Kogan device has the Android operating system it should be able to run a wider range of applications.

Model Number: ITVZZANDAA
CPU Model:
Samsung Cortex A8
CPU Speed: 1.0 Ghz
Memory: 512MB DDR2
Storage: 2GB NAND
External Storage:
via SD Card or USB Hard Drive
Operating System: Android 2.2
Bluetooth: Built-in

Wireless built-in (a/b/g Support)


Remote Control: 2.4G Wireless Optical Sensor Remote Control
Power: 5.0V DC (Adapter Provided)
Dimensions: W:17.0cm x D:11.1cm x H:3.0cm

USB: 3
SD Card: 1
HDMI®: 1
What's In The Box:

Kogan Agora Internet TV Portal: Powered by Android

Power Cable

Kogan 2.4G Wireless Optical Sensor Remote Control

HDMI® Cable

Link to User Manual

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