Friday, April 29, 2011

Connecting a TV to the Internet Part 4: success

In "Connecting a Samsung TV to the Internet Part 3" I had decided to reconfigure a low cost wireless router, to be a repeater bridge using the open source DD-WRT software. This was so I could plug a TV into the Internet. I was able to get the TV to "ping" the gateway, but not communicate DNS service. I tried that of the router and of BigPond (the ISP being used), with no success. However, when I used the IP address of the gateway for the DNS, this worked (presumably this then is just relayed to the router).

The Samsung TV then downloaded some software updates and some default Apps. The apps included a news ticker service, which runs across the bottom of the TV screen, YouTube Videos and Twitter. The speed of download of video is reasonable, given that the signal is being relayed by WiFi. The image quality of the video is remarkably good. But after all the effort involved, it is a relief it works at all.

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