Friday, July 21, 2023

Ghost Gecko Uncrewed Ground Vehicle

Ghost Gecko Concept
This is to suggest Australia develop the "Ghost Gecko", an Uncrewed Ground Vehicle (UCV) for the Australian Army. The Ghost Gecko would be derived from the Hawkei four-wheel-drive protected mobility vehicle. The crew cab would be removed, to lighten the vehicle, and lower its profile. In its place would be an Australian made remotely controlled station (RWS).

The Ghost Gecko would be controlled by a hand held unit, usually carried aboard a nearby crewed Hawkei (but could also be operated remotely via satellite). The Ghost Gecko would be able to operate in convoy on road or cross country, in advance of crewed vehicles. It could remain active at one location, for weeks at a time, without the need for maintenance. Several Ghost Geckos could be controlled by one operator, from one station, and control could be handed off, to another location, or to a remote facility, when required.

There are many UCVs in envelopment. Most of these are small, designed for limited range in applications such as patrolling the perimeter of a base for a few hours. The Ghost Gecko would be capable of self deploying at highway speeds on paved roads, then travel cross country and remain on station for weeks.

The same controller, and operating procedures would be used for a waterborne version of the Ghost Gecko, based on a small Australian designed vessel. This speedboat sized craft could be towed behind a Hawkei, and launched from a civilian boat ramp or a beach.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Off the Record at New Theater Sydney

Enjoyed last night's performance of "Off the Record", by Chris Aronsten. This is a play of the MeToo era, & is topical with the BBC engulfed in another sex scandal. It took some work to understand how the play's disparate themes were being stitched together, but that was rewarding. I did not understand some of the English references, such as describing residential areas with numeric codes. As usual with New Theater, David Marshall-Martin's set design was minimal, but expressive. Suzanne James steals the show as the conspiracy theory loving whistle-blower, and reminding me of some of my New Theater going friends.