Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ANU Ethel Tory Collaborative Learning Studio

Desks in the ANU Ethel Tory Collaborative Learning StudioThe Ethel Tory Centre in the Baldessin Building opened for use at the Austrlaian National University in early March 2011. The centre is a contemporary learning commons, with 3 computer equipped teaching and learning studios, video-conferencing facility and Collaborative Learning Studio with "diner" booths, individual workspaces, group-work tables and a "cafe" area.

The video conferencing studio accommodates 15 people, two studios 20 each and a larger one 25. All have the ANU's bespoke digital lecture delivery system (for recording lectures) and WiFi.

The design of the large semicircular group desks is distinct. These can accommodate four students around the circumference and one in the hollowed out centre on the opposite side (somewhat reminiscent of a blackjack table at a casino). The ends of the desks are rounded (reminiscent of some of the single seat "jelly bean" desks at RMIT library). Two desks can be pushed together to provide a circular table for eight people.


Tom Worthington said...

The curved desks in the ANU Ethel Tory Centre are avialable from Cube Furniture. Contact: Chris DeVoy Phone:
+61 (0) 438942817

Tom Worthington said...

There are photos of the desks in the ANU Ethel Tory Collaborative Learning Studio in Lauren Thompson's "Diary of an Educational Designer".