Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Low cost wireless router

Needing a low cost wireless router, I went into Dick Smith and picked up a D-Link DIR-600. These were around $100, but at the counter I found they were reduced to $64. I skipped the installation disk and instead plugged the unit in and used the on-board configuration wizard. This prompted me for a password for the router and then offered to generate a random access code for the WiFi. I decided to use an easy to remember (but less secure) one I entered myself. In under a minute the router was operating and providing WiFi access for a iPod Touch, iPad and a netbook.

The issue now is what to do with a Samsung LCD TV. This has some form of Internet access, but it is not clear if it is worth the trouble connecting. The TV will require a USB WiFi device. More than likely the Samsung unit is just one of the popular models. Might be less trouble and more use to get an "Agora Internet TV Portal".

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