Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Gallery of Modern Art Queensland

The Gallery of Modern Art Queensland (GOMA) proved an entertaining place to spend a half a day. The gallery is part of the Brisbane South Bank cultural precienct, next to the Queensland State Library. The venue was lively with many groups of school chldren interacting with modern artworks, such as a slippery slide (Carsten Holler's Left/Right Slide, 2010) and building buildings with Lego. Other works of interest were Zhoux Iahn's Utopian Theatre (2006), Arlo Mountford's The Folly (2007-08) and Julian Opie's People Walking (2008).

GoMA runs an excellent talk series in conjunction with ABC Radio, Thursday fortnights, with the next 14 April, for "Future Tense". I attended 31 Match "Science: How are Health and the environment linked in the 21 Century ..." for "Australia Talks". Unfortunately I could not find a usable web site for the talks from either GoMA or the ABC. Like many cultural institutions, GOMA has a website (which I now can't find) where style has triumphed over substance: as a result it is very difficult to find any useful information. The ABC has good information on the past talks, but not upcoming ones.

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