Monday, April 11, 2011

Problems with NRMA Website

The NRMA sent me a membership renewal notice. When I went to the web site I was told that I had to have a "profile" set up. When I went to do this, using the details on the renewal notice, I was told these were incorrect. It turned out that the postcode on the NRMA renewal was different to the one in the NRMA database by one digit. With the postcode corrected, the system dais it was sending me an email, but so far this has not arrived.

So then I tried setting up a direct debit payment. When I entered the web address on the renewal notice "" I got:

Page not found

We're sorry you got lost. The page you were looking for appears to have been moved, deleted or does not exist.

But it appears it is not me who has lost there way, but NRMA with their customer service.

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