Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Connecting a TV to the Internet Part 3

In "Connecting a Samsung TV to the Internet Part 2" I had decided to reconfigure a low cost wireless router, to be a repeater bridge using the open source DD-WRT software. This was so I could plug a TV into the Internet. I was stuck at the point of making the existing router an "Access Point". Also this seems to have upset the configuration of the Telstra BigPond cable modem, which now does not allow outgoing email via port 25.

The issue with Bigpond turned out to be a configuration problem with Microsoft Live Mail, unrelated to the router.

To avoid reconfiguring the router as an Access Points, I looked around for other options and found I could have the router allocate IP addresses, without setting the "AP" option. This allowed me to connect a PC to the Internet using a cable plugged into the bridge. The Samsung TV accepts a fixed IP address and the address of the bridge. This passes a Ping test, but fails to connect to the Samsung IP service. It may be the DNS address needed.

Another option to try is AutoAP which is a script to make the DD-WRT router act as a WiFi Ethernet interface.

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