Thursday, April 14, 2011

Electric motorcycle with tablet computer dashboard

R3 Electric Vehicle Prototype from T3 Motion T3 Motion's R3 prototype electric car/motorcycle is reported to have a Galaxy Tab Android tablet computer docked in the dashboard for navigation and entertainment. The R3 has four wheels and two side by side bucket seats like a car, but T3 Motion claim that the rear wheels are so close together that it handles like a motorcycle and can be registered as one. This would be a lot more comfortable than the Piaggio MP3 three wheel motor scooter.

This is not the first electric car prototype to have a tablet Reva NXG Electric Carcomputer in the dashboard. The 2005 Reva NXG had an Indian made tablet computer in the dashboard. Unlike the T3 which has a conventional speedometer, the NXG used the computer screen for all car displays. The T3 seems a more practical idea, with the car not depending on the tablet computer.

A 7 inch screen will just fit in a "Double DIN" dashboard slot (twice the height of a regular car radio). There is an large market in double DIN retrofitted entertainment units for cars. No doubt that there will some of these devices including an android tablet computer function, or a docking station.

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