Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ACS Business Skills Second Access

After making sure I could access the ACS Business Skills On-Line Pilot Program, I thought I should select some courses. Like any student the first thing I did was click on the first link on the web site "My Plan".

The welcome email message had an attachment ("Tips for E-learning"), but this was in hard to read PDF format so I had ignored it (as the average student would). But I went back and read it. It was difficult to get the document as when I click on the link in the message, it appears nothing happens, as the PDF downloads in the background (this document should be in the body of the message or on the web site, not an attachment). The tips were disappointing, being one A4 page, with thinks like "Make time for e-Learning".

So I went back to "My Plan" and found it said " You currently have no items in your plan.". It might be a god idea to provide an introductory course to get the students used to the system and provide help in setting up a plan. There was a link for help, so I pressed it and ended up in "SkillPort" (which I assume isn the name for the e-learning system), in another window, with a familiar looking help interface format. But these seemed to be instructions on how to work the interface, not help me select courses.

But that is all the time I have for the moment.

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