Monday, April 25, 2011

Connecting a TV to the Internet Part 2

In "Connecting a Samsung TV to the Internet" I had decided to reconfigure a low cost wireless router, to be a repeater bridge using the open source DD-WRT software. This was so I could plug a TV into the Internet. DD-WRT turned out to be very easy to install. I downloaded the appropriate software and then uploaded it to the router. There was a moment's worry when I could not reconnect to the router, but this was because the IP address of the router had changed in the process. The DD WRT software has lots of options and is less consumer friendly than the software the low cost routers come with.

The problem which has stoped me is not to do with the new router, but the existing one it is connected to. This need to be made an "Access Point" but in the process I lost access to that router. Also this seems to have upset the configuratuion of the Telstra BigPond cable modem, which now does not allow outgoing email via port 25.

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