Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ANU Multidisciplinary Teaching Interest Group

Srinivas ChemboliSrinivas Chemboli has issued an invitation to those interested in Multidisciplinary Teaching to join the Varietas Multidisciplinary Teaching Interest Group at the Australian National Unviersity in Canberra:

Varietas-TIG is a Teaching Interest Group (TIG) that focuses on multi-disciplinary themes in teaching.

Wednesday, 17 September, 16:00 - 17:30, N335 CSIT Bldg (Bldg 108)

Topics of discussion will cover (but are not necessarily limited to):
1) A multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and course management
2) Reconciling different pedagogical approaches across disciplines
3) Incorporating a wider spectrum of research-led themes as guides for teaching
4) Integrating reusable knowledge across disciplines in skills and services-oriented curriculum
5) Develop an effective methodology to reuse the semantic richness of multiple disciplines

Topics for Discussion This Week:
  • Format/ideas for TiG activities
  • Multi-disciplinary activities at the ANU
  • Discussing the practice and personal experience in cross/multi-disciplinary teaching
  • Equity in multi-disciplinary courses, a pipe-dream?
    • Suggested activities for analyzing the trend in cross/multi/inter-stream courses
  • Tying in assessment with disciplinary objectives
  • Paper discussion: Multidisciplinary students and instructors: a second-year games course

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