Friday, September 05, 2008

ENERGY STAR Version 5.0.

Version 5.0 of the US EPA's ENERGY STAR specification for computers is being prepared. This is a significant change from version 4, with more testing of the energy use. There is also the inclusion of "Thin Client" computers (there is a Computer Definitions Summary detailing what a Thin Client is). There appear to have bee some delays with the testing software. EPA is hosting a stakeholder meeting in Washington, DC, Friday, September 26, 2008, on Version 5.0 Computer Specification.

Provisional Idle for Desktop, Integrated Desktop, Notebooks, and Tablet Computers in Version 5.0

ENERGY STAR 4.0 for computers anticipated that the next version of the specification would make use of an Energy Efficiency Performance Assessment tool (EEPA tool) in order to assess the energy efficiency of a desktop or notebook but stated that EPA would continue with provisional Idle requirements in Version 5.0 should the agreed upon EEPA tool not be ready within the available time. As announced in an August 8th stakeholder memorandum, BAPCo membership decided not to submit their EEPA Tool, EEcoMark, to EPA at this time. As such, EPA and its counterparts in the EC are immediately moving forward with the provisional idle plan referenced in the final Version 4.0 Computer specification. As made clear in the Version 4.0 Specification, this provisional idle approach will include revised Idle State levels that, in line with ENERGY STAR guiding principles, recognize top performers in energy efficiency.

Below are two files related to data collection for this effort: a test procedure to collect Idle, Sleep, and Off power levels and a data collection spreadsheet to record this data along with other system characteristics. EPA will consider data received on or before September 4, 2008, when creating proposed levels in Draft 2 of the Version 5.0 Specification in September. Please note that EPA will only consider requests for technology power allowances supported data. EPA expects to adjust Idle category bins used in Version 4.0 based on data shared by September 4. Interested stakeholders are asked to test computers according to the conditions and steps detailed in the test procedure and return completed forms via email to Evan Haines, ICF International, at

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