Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World Computer Congress 2010

The World Computer Congress 2010 (WCC2010), on the theme "Build a Better World" will be held in Brisbane, Australia. The website for the event was launched recently, but has a few problems (invalid markup and fails an accessibility test), but works okay on a smart phone. I was President of the ACS when it hosted WCC1996.

The World Computer Congress is the International Federation for Information Processing, IFIP's main global event. The Congress is held every 2 years by a host nation.

The event is the forum for international research and collaboration with industry. The event brings together industry, community, education, government, technologists and professional associations, to examine the state, the future, and stewardship of information technology for the globe.

Previous World Computer Congress events:

From: About World Computer Congress, 2008

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