Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Zealand Government tender includes energy efficiency of computers

A recent New Zealand Department of Labour request for quotation for "Supply of desktop and infrastructure hardware" asks for environmental accreditation information, including energy efficiency, but does not specify any particular standard and does not make it mandatory. This contrasts with one Australian Government tender request which has detailed mandatory requirements for energy efficiency and two others which ask for details, but do not require it.
(f) Environmental Information/Accreditation – provide information on environmental impacts such as such as accreditations obtained, sustainable production practices, energy efficiency, recycled content, durability and reuse options, hazardous material content, and end-of-life disposal provisions. ...

From: DoL Hardware RFQ, DoL Hardware RFQ v1.2 08092008 FINAL.doc, "Supply of desktop and infrastructure hardware" , GETS Reference: 23231, Request for Quote, New Zealand Department of Labour

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