Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ACT Government online tenders service

The ACT Government has created an online service to advise of requests for tender and similar business opportunities. There is an option to select ACT Government Active Tenders and download the tender documents for free. At present the service seems to be limited, compared to the Australian government system. As an example there is no categorisation of the products being tendered for, so it is not possible just to list ICT products, for example. It is possible to register to receive announced new tenders by email, but not select the types of tender to receive.

There is currently no provision to submit a tender online, with them having to be physically placed in a tender box in Canberra. Having to print out a document and put it in a box seems a quaint activity from another age and hopefully the ACT Government will catch up to late 20th Century practice and introduce electronic tender lodgement soon.

A typical tender listing is:

T071067T071067Download Available Closing 09-Sep-2008
Information Communication Technology (ICT) Consulting & Related Business Services - Panel Arrangement
Clicking on the link in the tender listing then provides the documents:
T071067 RFT Draft (429kb) pdf
T071067 Consultation Paper (186kb) pdf
T071067 Questions&Answers Industry Briefing (113kb) pdf T071067 Panel Services Agreement (220kb) pdf
T071067 Attachment 2 ICT (339kb) pdf
T071067 PreTender Briefing (75kb) pdf

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