Friday, September 05, 2008

Example of design documentation for a computer game

ABC TV's Good Game show is running a competition for the development of a computer game. This provides insights into how such a computer based system is designed and developed. The TV show has featured interviews with staff and some footage of their office and meetings. The full Design Overview document for the game "Office Wars" has been provided. This could be very useful for ICT researchers in software engineering and information systems. The detailed 46 page document provides a real example of how software development is now done. The overview includes details of the game as well as the business case for it. It could be a useful case study for ICT students, with unusual system functions, such as "Kill the Boss".

From the Table of Contents:

1.0 Overview
1.1 Platforms
1.2 Timeframe
1.3 Scope
1.4 Goals

2.0 Game Synopsis
2.1 Setting Synopsis

3.0 UI Synopsis
3.1 Main Home Screen
3.2 Gameplay View
3.3 Beginning of an Office/Level
3.4 Between Office/Level Screens

4.0 Player Avatar
4.1 Player Skills
4.2 Gaining Levels
4.3 Skills & Tasks
4.4 Level Titles ...

From: Design Overview, Steve Fawkner, Infinite Interactive Pty. Ltd., August 6th 2008

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