Friday, September 26, 2008

Multicore virtualizing power saving server at ANU

The ANU is inaugurating a new SUN T2 multicore computer, on 16 October 2008. Interested persons from the local IT industry are invited to attend:
Multicore processors such as the T2 are designed to be able to process a large number of tasks concurrently. They are ideally suited to applications such as database and web servers, where, in the case of the T2, up to 64 transactions could be processed simultaneously. To have such a capability in a single unit results not only in lower up-front costs, but in very considerable power savings. When used in conjuction with virtualization, a number of (virtual) servers can be hosted on a single physical machine, resulting in even greater savings. Such technologies form part of a suite for forming eco-responsible datacenters.

The ANU is holding a launch of a state-of-the-art T2 multicore computer, which will mark a new phase in the computer science curricula at the Australian National University. The event is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday October 16 at the ANU and consists of:
  • a seminar on bug and security vulnerability analysis of programs by Professor Cristina Cifuentes.
  • an introductory workshop on multicore programming by Dr Peter Strazdins.
  • a reception with representatives from ANU and Sun Microsystems.
Interested persons from the local IT industry are invited to attend. Full details, including RSVP instructions.

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