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ANU Festival of Teaching

The Australian National Unviersity is running a "Festival of Teaching", 22 to 24 October, 2008. My contribution for the 'Linking Research and Teaching Swap Shop' is "Blended Learning: Using a Learning Management System Live in the Classroom".
Professor Elizabeth DeaneDAY ONE – WEDNESDAY, 22 OCTOBER
Opening/short speech by Professor Elizabeth Deane, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) – to introduce Professor Mick Healey ...

Opening and welcome – Professor Lawrence Cram, Deputy Vice-Chancellor ...
Professor Mick Healey – Keynote address, incorporating Questions and Answers ...
ALTC and VC award winners and student representative presentations ...
Dr Janette Lindesay – "Understanding how the world works: translating science into practice"
Professor Sasha Grishin – “Teaching art history at the ANU”
Dr Megan Poore – “Powering on with Podcasting: the Skillsoup academic skills project”
Dr George Quinn – “Making In-Country Programs the Norm in the Study of Asian Languages” ...
Dr Anna Wilson - “Hamiltonians, horse hair, haiku”
Professor Kathryn Robinson – Teaching the writing practices of ethnographic research
Hypothetical “Linking Teaching and Research – What’s in it for me?”
Session run by research led teaching community of practice
Facilitated by Professor Kent Anderson ...
Workshops exploring “How to foster research and teaching links in our own practice, in our Colleges and at the ANU?”
Session run by research led teaching community of practice ...

A sharing of good examples from the ANU Colleges – presentations and discussions
Facilitated by Assoc. Professor Richard Baker ...
Linking Research and Teaching Swap Shop
Professor Mick Healey to present ...
Plenary: Key lessons, publicising the practices, action planning and evaluation ...
Professor Elizabeth Deane, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education), Where to from here? ...

From: Program: Festival of Teaching: Linking Research and Teaching to Benefit Student Learning, Schedule, ANU, 2008

Australian National University
Linking Research and Teaching Swap Shop
Friday 24th October 2008 ...


The idea of the swap shop is to share interesting practices associated with linking research and teaching to benefit student learning. The key question for all participants is “What aspects of the practices I have learnt about today could I adapt for use in my courses / school/College?”

Linking research and teaching

There are four main ways of linking research and teaching:

• Learning about others’ research
• Learning to do research – research methods
• Learning in research mode – enquiry based
• Pedagogic research – enquiring and reflecting on learning

Today’s session is particularly focussed on interesting practices to engage students in the first three ways.

All academic staff are encouraged to participate. Please bring 20 copies of your interesting practice (1 side of A4 is all that is needed). If you are unable to attend on the day, but would like to send in details of an interesting practice ...

Sitting on tables of three, you will each have 5 minutes to summarise your interesting practice to your two colleagues and 5 minutes to answer their questions.

A suggested set of headings to summarise your interesting pratice includes:

• Title of interesting practice
• Name and contact details
• Context e.g. department, course, year and number of students
• What do students and teacher do? – This is the key heading
• Hot tips
• Does it work?
• Issues and how have you dealt with them

2.00 to 2.15 Welcome from Professor Mick Healey; organisation of the event
2.15 to 2.50 Swap shop I
2.50 to 3.10 Tea and biscuits
3.10 to 3.45 Swap shop II
3.45 to 4.15 Plenary: key lessons, publicising the practices, action planning and evaluation

From: Linking Research and Teaching Swap Shop, ANU,2008

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