Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sustainable Canberra Region

Professor Barbara NormanProfessor Barbara Norman, Canberra Urban and Regional Futures Program, will talk on "SURF, TURF and CURF: A Sustainable Regional Future", 5:30pm, 1 August 2011, at the Australian National University in Canberra. Professor Norman was commissioned by the Department of Climate Change to write the discussion paper "A low carbon and resilient urban future: a strategic approach to settlement planning for climate change", published in 2010.
SURF, TURF and CURF: A Sustainable Regional Future

Monday, August 1st 5.30 pm—7.00pm

Speaker/Host Professor Barbara Norman/Canberra Urban and Regional Futures Program ...

A new national urban policy, climate change, regional development and sustainable population statements dominated the 2011 federal budget. All will have an impact on the future shape and design of our cities and regions. On the ground, managing urban growth in the context of sustainability and climate change is also requiring more innovative responses that transcend traditional boundaries. This talk will explore how these national policies intersect and to what extent they facilitate regional and local action for more sustainable solutions. A particular focus will be on innovative regional responses in managing urban growth including planning for climate change. The talk will then discuss what the implications are for the Canberra region from Kosciusko to the coast and the key planning challenges in implementing a low carbon and resilient urban future. To conclude there will be a discussion of CURF, a collaborative response by UC and ANU for a more sustainable regional future.

Professor Barbara Norman is the Foundation Chair and Head of Discipline in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Canberra. She is Life Fellow and past national president, Planning Institute of Australia, a member of national Coasts and Climate Change Council, the Regional Development Australia Fund Advisory Panel, the national stakeholder advisory group to the CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship and Deputy Chair, Regional Development Australia (ACT). Professor Norman is also Co-director of Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF) and an Adjunct Professor with The Australian National University. She has extensive experience in the public sector at all levels of government including senior executive roles in the ACT Government. Professor Norman advises the public and private sector in Australia and has strong international linkages within Asia, Europe and the United States. Her research interests include coastal planning, sustainable cities, urban and regional planning, climate change adaptation and urban governance. Professor Norman was awarded an Australian Centenary Medal for her contribution to the community through urban and regional planning.

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Presented by University of Canberra and Australian National University

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