Saturday, July 09, 2011

Copyright Agency Meeting on Digital Publishing in Canberra

Staff of the Copyright Agency Limited will talk about the results of their digital publishing survey and new direct payments for authors, at a "CALconnect meeting" for members in Canberra, 27 July 2011.

In their Digital Publishing Trends Survey (May 2011), CAL found that about half the authors and publishers create digital products, but many publishers don't have a digital strategy.

CALdirect is a new system for distributing shares of fees collected on licensed work to the various rights holders. Previously CAL made just one payment, usually to the publisher, who then had to distribute shares to others (such as authors). The new system could change the balance of power between publishers and authors.

Got a question for CAL? Well you can ask it in person at CAL’s upcoming CALconnect meeting in Canberra on Wednesday 27 July – where you can discuss any CAL related questions you may have.

Eloise Nolan and Rosanna Arciuli from CAL’s Membership team will also be talking about our digital publishing survey, and CAL’s new way to pay members – CALdirect – and what it means for you.

CALconnect events are about sharing information and updates with members while also giving you the opportunity to meet up with other creators in your city. These meetings are open to all CAL members and provide an excellent opportunity to network, share ideas and talk about issues that are relevant to content producers. ...

From: "CALconnect meeting", Copyright Agency Limited, 2011

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