Monday, July 18, 2011

LED Office Lights

LED Recessed Troffer FixtureWhile there are LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement which can be used in existing "troffer" ceiling fittings in offices, it is more efficient to used LED panels in new installations. The fluorescent light fixtures contain reflectors and diffusers to spread the light from the florescent tube and also provision for replacing the tube. Instead there are LED recessed troffer fixtures, which have dozens of individual LEDs spread out over a panel which simply fits into the ceiling (such as the Maxxima 2000 Lumen LED Recessed Troffer Fixture). As the LEDs have a life in excess of 30,000 hours, they will last about ten years and so are unlikely to need replacing in the average life of a commercial building fit-out.
Replace your flourescent office fixture with the brand new Maxxima MLP-2X23000, 30 Watt 2'x2' recessed light fixture. With Maxxima's LED technology you will never have to worry about ballast replacement, mercury content, or constant bulb replacement. Our LEDs are rated to last more than 30,000 hours. This fixture is UL approved and is made to replace your current recessed office fixture. This fixture mounts by simply resting on your current drop ceiling in place of your current fixture.

From: Maxxima 2000 Lumen LED Recessed Troffer Fixture, 2011

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