Monday, July 04, 2011

Books for the i-Generation

The idea of an iPhone sized paper book, as promoted by Fliipbackbooks, sounds appealing. So far there are about 15 Flipback Books available. But I wonder how often such a format has been tried in the past? An iPhone 4 is 115.2 mm x 58.66 mm x 9.3 mm. A book this size would open to give a page about 115 wide by 100 mm high. The closest international standard paper size to this in common use would A7 (74 × 105 mm), as used for pocket diaries.
"Introducing the flipback: A revolutionary new book format, giving book lovers a real reading experience with the portability of a mobile phone. The flipback is a new kind of book, which opens top to bottom and has sideways-printed text, so you get a full length novel in little more than the size of an iPhone."

From: Fliipbackbooks, 2011
Some books available:

1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Flipback Edition) by John le Carré (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

Adventure of English (Flipback Edition) by Lord Melvyn Bragg (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)
Shades of Grey (Flipback Edition) by Jasper Fforde (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

One Day (Flipback Edition) by David Nicholls (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

The Other Hand (Flipback Edition) by Chris Cleave (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

Piece of My Heart (Flipback Edition) by Peter Robinson (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

Misery (Flipback Edition) by Stephen King (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

Cloud Atlas (Flipback Edition) by David Mitchell (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

Cold Mountain (Flipback Edition) by Charles Frazier (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

My Sister's Keeper (Flipback Edition) by Jodi Picoult (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

Brethren (Flipback Edition) by Robyn Young (Paperback - 15 Sep 2011)

Liar's Poker (Flipback Edition) by Michael Lewis (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

A Million Little Pieces (Flipback Edition) by James Frey (Paperback - 30 Jun 2011)

What I Loved (flipback Edition) (Paperback - 15 Sep 2011)

Bad Men (Flipback Edition) by John Connolly (Paperback - 15 Sep 2011)

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