Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Changes to Sustainable IT Skills

Version 4 of the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) introduced four sustainability skills for IT professionals. SFIA Version 5 is now in preparation. So before I updated the learning objectives of my "Green Technology Strategies" course with these, I thought I should check what changes have been proposed from version 4 for version 5. I used the "compare document" feature of LibreOffice to compare the text of the skills descriptions, word by word and there are no differences:
  1. SUST: Sustainability strategy
  2. SUMI, Sustainability management for IT
  3. SUAS, Sustainability assessment
  4. SUEN, Sustainability engineering

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Nicola Hogan said...

Hi Tom,
You left a message on my blog looking for information to help you update your green ICT course with the latest international standard for green IT skills.
Can I suggest you contact Colin Pattinson of Leeds Metropolitan University who runs a masters degree course on green computing:

Hope this information is of help,