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Publications by Kim Beazley

Professor Kim Beazley has been appointed Chancellor of The Australian National University. He is currently Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Western Australia, but is best known as a politician. An academic is judged by what they publish, so I ought I would do the same sort of quick check of Professor Beazley I would do of anyone else.

A search of the Political Science and International Relations site of UWA gives the bare minimum of information. Professor Beazley has a staff web page, but this just has his name and contact details, with no list of publications, research or courses. On the "Research Interests" page he is listed under Australian political institutions, Public affairs, Australian Government and Politics and Australian foreign policy and diplomatic history, Global and regional governance. But there are no details of research conducted.

The "Contact Us profile" page lists Research Interests as:
  • Defence policy
  • US alliance
  • Middle East
  • Foreign policy issues
  • Australian politics
  • Government
But again there is no actual research or courses detailed.

A Google Schollar search for Kim Beazley as an author produced 44 results (including some from another researcher of the same name in the conservation field). However, as he only took up his UWA position in 2007, there are no publications for that period. Also the list includes some references to Professor Beazley's father Kim Edward Beazley.

Excluding papers which are obviously from other "Beazley" leaves 26. These show a long term interest in defence and foreign policy and domestic public policy issues:

[CITATION] Education in Western Australia: Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Education in Western …
K Beazley - Education Department of Western Australia, 1984
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[CITATION] Arc of Instability
K Beazley - National Observer, 2003
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[CITATION] Address to the National Press Club
K Beazley - 2006 - Canberra
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[CITATION] Address to CEDA,‘
K Beazley - Pathways to the Future: A Labor Vision’, Melbourne, 1999
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[CITATION] The Defence of Australia 1987
K Beazley - 1987 - Ministerial Statement (Canberra: Australian Government
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[CITATION] The Politics of Intrusion: The Superpowers and the Indian Ocean
K Beazley, I Clark - 1979 - Sydney: Alternative Publishing Cooperative
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[CITATION] Unfinished Business
K Beazley - Essays on Australian Reconciliation
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K Beazley - cited in The Australian, 1966
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[CITATION] Labor’s Plan for Telstra and Telecommunications’
K Beazley - Media Statement, 2001
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[CITATION] Leader of the Opposition,‘Second reading speech: Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2005–2006’, House of …
K Beazley
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[CITATION] Leader of the Opposition
K Beazley - Address to the Global Foundation Luncheon, 1998
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Thinking defence: Key concepts in Australian defence planning
K Beazley - Australian Journal of International Affairs, 1988 -
this topic because I believe that fundamental misun- derstandings exist in the
community about the foundations of national defence planning. The community ...
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[CITATION] Labor’s Tax Credit for Working Families’, Labor Herald (June 1998)
K Beazley
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[CITATION] Australia and the Asia Pacific Region: A Strategy of Self-Reliance and Alliance
K Beazley - address to the Asia Society, Washington, 1988
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[CITATION] How May the People Be Heard-Planning for a New Republic Referendum-Process and Content
K Beazley - U. Notre Dame Austl. L. Rev., 2001 - HeinOnline
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K Beazley - SYDNEY PAPERS, 2000 -
It is always a pleasure to address the Sydney Institute. I’d like to begin
tonight by paying tribute to Gerard and Anne Henderson who have established the
Institute as a first class forum for economic and political debate in this ...
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[CITATION] speech to Labor delegates
K Beazley - ALP national conference, Hobart, 2000
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K Beazley - SYDNEY PAPERS, 2005 -
Against a global backdrop of increasing concern about terrorism and national
security, Australia’s Labor Opposi- tion continues to call for the
establishment of a Department for Homeland Security. Labor leader Kim ...
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[CITATION] Australia and Asia
K Beazley - 1989 - Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific, University of …
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Make Room for Pre-Schools and Child-Care Centers.
K Beazley - Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 1980 -
EJ234865 - Make Room for Pre-Schools and Child-Care Centers.
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[CITATION] Sydney, 11 December 1999, reported in John Cleary,‘Millennial Visions’
K Beazley, AU Church - The Religion Report
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MP Costello, MK Beazley, MM Latham -
3. It may be asked why writers, painters and musicians should be subsidized at
all by taxpayers? Such subsidies have not produced any Australian Beethovens or
Mozarts, Haydns or Bachs, Dickens or Trollopes, or Tolstoys or ...
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Whither the San Francisco alliance system? - all 3 versions »
K Beazley - Australian Journal of International Affairs, 2003 -
Fifty years on, the system of American-led alliances negotiated in San Francisco
survives. The focal points of the treaty making process were: (1) signing the
Japanese Peace Treaty and accompanying security arrangements to preclude ...
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More lies on
F Sullivan, AOLK Beazley - LAMP, 2005 -
T he Howard government has broken a ‘rock-solid, iron-clad’ election promise
by raising Medicare’s safety net thresholds. Between 300,000 and 400,000
Australians will miss out on a rebate over the next year due to the ...
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K Beazley - SYDNEY PAPERS, 2006 -
In an important address to The Sydney Institute on Wednesday 24 July 2006,
federal Labor leader the Hon Kim Beazley announced that he would seek an
historic change to his Party’s uranium “no new mines” policy. As he ...
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KCB MP - Australian Journal of Public Administration, 1995 - Blackwell Synergy
When he was appointed the Commonwealth of Australia’s first public servant,
Sir Robert Garran was asked to perform a vital duty. The people of Australia had
made a major decision to draw together and become one nation. His role was ...
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