Friday, July 04, 2008

Australian whole of government Microsoft Software Tender

The Australian Department of Defence has issued a Request for Tender for companies to sell it, and the rest of the federal government, Microsoft software. It is a little odd, that for a RFT about software, a "Weight Limit" has been specified (16 Kilos) and size (0.5m x 0.6 x 1m). It would seem more appropriate to ask for electronic documents with a Mbyte limit. Also it is a shame the Australian Government are not putting this amount of effort into open source software, so agencies would have a choice:
Defence is currentley negotiating its own Microsoft Agreement for software requirements and is also the lead agency for negotiation of a Microsoft Whole Of Government Volume Sourcing Arrangement.

As part of these processes, Microsoft has indicated that it will require the identification of a "Large Account Reseller" (LAR)

The purpose of this RFT is to identify one or more LARs to provide LAR Deliveries. Defence intendes that all Agencies within the Commonwealth of Australia may access any subsequent arrangement/s.

An Industry Brief will be held (details in solicitation documentation). ...

Timeframe for Delivery September 2008 ...

Contact Person Director, Directorate Architecture Projects ...

From: Microsoft Large Account Reseller Deliverables, ATM ID CIOG 431/2008, Department of Defence, 3-Jul-2008

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