Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Legal Knowledge Management System for the Australian Government?

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued request for expressions of interest for a Legal Knowledge System. As with recruitment, there doesn't seem to be any good reason why all Australian Government agencies couldn't use the same software, if not the same system. It seems unlikely that legal issue would be handled differently in DFAT than in other agencies.
Category 43230000 - Software
Close Date & Time 11-Aug-2008 2:00 pm (ACT Local time)
ATM Type Expression of Interest


DFAT is seeking Expressions of Interest for provision of a system and associated support services which will:
  • provide workflow support for legal matters which enables the tracking, management and reporting of these matters, including external and Departmental actions and enquiries;
  • provide storage, management and access to a range of legal knowledge and materials including templates (e.g. letters, contracts, deeds), precedents (e.g. past advice) and legal instruments. Access must include comprehensive search facilities; and
  • provide an integrated system for legal activities, with a ‘portal’ or home page style entry point which includes links to external websites.

Frtom: EOI for the provision of Legal Knowledge and Matter Management System software and related support services, DFAT08-DID-028, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 16-Jul-2008

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