Thursday, July 17, 2008

From robot vision to Solar Energy in Australia in NZ

Chris JOHNSONChris Johnson from ANU will be talking next week about solar energy and robot research in an attempt to get New Zealand students to come and study at the Australian National University.

I suggested he simply point out that several ANU students and graduates have got research jobs at Microsoft and Google. ;-)

Also ANU has run an innovation course to teach researchers how to commercialize their discoveries. Also people turn up at ANU and ask for help getting things to work, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Building the Future: from robot vision to Solar Energy

Associate Professor Chris Johnson, from the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, spins a vision of the future that is now in view, from automated high speed parking of cars, pervasive computing in the home of the future, Big Dish solar power, and affordable, efficient Small Trough photovoltaics. Chris will also give an overview of the world class research fields available to PhD students and undergraduates in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.

where and when:
all sessions are 4-7pm for the whole ANU event - I am on at various times in this slot as noted, 45 minute subslots

Mon 21 July 4pm Christchurch Hotel Grand Chancellor, Cashel St
Tue 22 July 5.30pm Dunedin Otago Museum
Wed 23 July 4pm Auckland The Langham hotel, 83 Symonds St
Thu 24 July 5.30pm Wellington Wellington Convention Centre, 111 Wakefield St

Associate Professor Chris W. Johnson, PhD, MIEEE, MACS
Acting Deputy Dean (Education)
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science
R205 Ian Ross Building, North Rd
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200 Australia

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