Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cloud Computing Code of Practice

The Institute of IT Professionals NZ has issued a "New Zealand Cloud Computing Code of Practice" (June 2012). This is a voluntary code and is mostly about disclosure to the client of the cloud provider's service delivery standards.
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
    1. Core Principles of the Code
    2. Aims of the Code
  2. Defining Cloud
    1. What is Cloud computing?
  3. Application
    1. Who does this Code of Practice apply to?
  4. Approach
    1. Cloud Code of Practice to relate to Provider’s Products or Services
    2. Compliance with the Code of Practice
    3. Fees
    4. Withdrawal from this Code of Practice
  5. Code of Practice Disclosure
    1. Disclosure
    2. Corporate Identity
    3. Ownership of Data
    4. Security
    5. Data Location
    6. Data Access and Use
    7. Back up and maintenance
    8. Geographic Diversity
    9. SLA and Support
    10. Data Breach Notification
    11. Data Transportability
    12. Business Continuity
    13. Data Formats
    14. Ownership of Application
  6. Customer Engagement
  7. Assessment
  8. Recognition of Compliance to this code
  9. Maintenance of this code
  • Schedules:
  1. Fair trading compliance policy
  2. Cloud Security Alliance STAR Registry Information
  3. Security Standards List



The purpose of the New Zealand Cloud Computing Code of Practice (“The Code”) is to enable professional cloud service providers to benchmark and demonstrate their practices, processes and ethics via a recognised third party to build trust with prospective customers. This can be achieved by service providers or suppliers meeting the requirements of The Code, and receiving recognition via use of a distinguished mark and entry into a register of cloud providers compliant with this Code of Practice.

The Code assists end users by allowing them to make informed decisions based on the disclosure of practices of the service provider enabling end users to be confident with the service provider’s ability to meet end users requirements.

The Code also builds trust within the Cloud Service Industry by providing a trusted format which both suppliers and customers can depend on. The Code recognises the valuable financial support that the following organisations have made in order to have the Code of Practice developed, along with the participation of over 250 individuals from both around New Zealand and off-shore. ...

From: New Zealand Cloud Computing Code of Practice, Institute of IT Professionals NZ, June 2012
The code is issued under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 New Zealand license.

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