Monday, August 20, 2012

Free training at The ANU

How to Learn: Student guide to Free training at The ANUThe Australian National University (ANU) provide "How to Learn: Student guide to Free training at The ANU". This is a 37 page booklet detailing free courses and services for students of the university. The services offered go beyond the usual how to use a computer and include topic design, thesis writing and supervision, project management. The booklet is provided as a PDF file, as well as on paper. Unfortunately it has been formatted with two columns of text, making it difficult to read on screen.

  1. Help Services
  2. Useful Tools
  3. On-line Tools for Learning and Collaboration
  4. Library Tours
  5. Information Skills
  6. Computer Skills
  7. Academic Skills
  8. Statistical Data Skills
  9. Personal Development Skills
  10. Career Development Skills
  11. Other Services
  12. Quick Contacts and Help


One item of particular interest are a set of podcasts on student topics:

  1. Topics essential to academic success: SkillSoup
  2. Skills development: The Learning Curve
  3. Student and staff interviews: SkillSoup Radio
  4. Resolving life problems: MindSpaces
  5. Academic skills: Skills Tips:
  6. Administrative processes and practices: PodShots:
  7. Studying Business and Accounting: first year strategies
  8. Organising your career: JobPod

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