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ANU Innovation in Education Showcase

A free Innovation in Education Showcase will be held at the Australian National University in Canberra, 17 to 23 September 2012. As part of this I will give a repeat performance of my "A Green Computing Professional Education Course Online using eBooks", 12:30pm, 19 September 2012, in the Ethel Tory Centre. No need to book, just turn up.
Showcase Program
Tuesday 18th September 2012
10am Dr McComas Taylor
Flexible delivery of small enrollment languages in light of the Mobile Revolution
What is the best way to teach small-enrollment languages to a geographically disperses cohort? I will demonstrate the web-based content delivery system that we have developed for the ANU’s Sanskrit program, and I will talk briefly about a project to export these materials as an e-Pub for mobile devices which is underway for 2013. ...
10.30am Dr Duck Young Lee
Linguistics and teaching methodology specialising on flexible delivery learning for Japanese
This presentation will explore methods of flexible learning in the Japanese language course.  ...
11am Dr Mathew Davies
‘Socrative’ and the interactive lecture
Dr Mathew Davies teaching focus uses technology to enable students to participate actively in the learning experience. He uses I-pads, I-pods and other IT resources such as the ‘Socrative’ software program to engage students thinking, acting and participating in the concepts being presented in his class.
Dr Mathew Davies research projects focus on the way in which human rights are socialised in international politics, with a particular interest in regional organisations as a key site of contestation. ...
11.30am Grazia Scotellaro
Mobile ideas for teaching – my favorite apps, QR Codes Evernote, Panorama, Audiolio, e-pubs this presentation is the place to start exploring mobile technology for the classroom.
This presentation will explore a variety of ideas in using apps in teaching and learning. I will share with you a list of my favorite apps, ideas for using them in your teaching and hands on time to try a few. If you are interested in finding out what QR Codes are and how to integrate them in your teaching or what you can do with Evernote, Panorama, Audiolio, or simply how to create simple e-pubs for your students this presentation is the place to start exploring mobile technology for the classroom. ...
12 noon – 1.30pm Daily Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Apple Display Demonstration – APPLE MAC1 ANU Store will have personnel at lunchtime to demonstrate the latest Apple equipment and innovative education based products
1.30 Carol Hayes
Digital Story Project
In this presentation Dr Carol Hayes will demonstrate aspects of her Digital Story Project. ...
2pm Dr Alison Ruth
Iris Connect ...
2.30pm Sango Mahanty
Online Risos Game- a simulation game run within Wattle (Moodle) ...
Wednesday 19th September 2012
Link10am Penny Neuendorf
The Flipped Classroom
This presentation explains the concept of Flipped Classroom concept and will show examples of how it is being used in Vocational Education. The Flipped class differs from the traditional class as content is given to students in the form of video and multimedia before the class which allows more time for solving problems, identifying issues, conducting experiments and completing practical tasks collaboratively. ...
10.30am – 11.30 Colin Simpson
Go Animate
Would you like to jazz up your online course with short animations?
You can replace dry slabs of text with cute cartoon characters, demonstrate good communication techniques and much more with an easy to use online tool – Go! Animate. ...
11.30am Helen Lynch
Open Education Resources Learning Online ...
12 noon – 1.30pm Daily Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Apple Display Demonstration – APPLE MAC1 ANU Store will have personnel at lunchtime to Demonstrate the latest Apple equipment and innovative education based products.
12 noon Peter Evans
E-marking Assignments
Ethel Tory Centre Computer Laboratory 2 (Orange Laboratory)
12.30 – 1pm Tom Worthington
Adapting traditional course structure to the online environment ...
Tom discusses how he adapted a traditional course structure to the online environment, with regular integrated assessment, to make an academically sound product which is also popular with students. ...
1pm Jennifer Sheehan, Karina Pelling, Kay Dancey.
How to wow with Google Maps and Content is King.
Let us show you how to drape a map in GE and fly through its 3D world, and capture this as a movie to post on your Moodle site. We have scanned historical, political, topographic and tourist maps from across the Asia-Pacific region. We’ve also been making maps, particularly of Asia and the Pacific, for over 20 years which we’d like to show you. Maps are a great way to add interest, colour and a reference point for online discussions and quizzes.
Jenny Sheehan has managed the CAP map collection for the past 10 years and holds an executive position with the Australia and New Zealand Map Society. Karina Pelling has been working in CAP for several years and has produced maps and diagrams for print and online publications. ...
1.30 Dr Stephen Dann
YouTube, Soundcloud, Quora, in-class Twitter, and a course blog.
For Season 2012, I decided to revamp one of the RSM’s lowest scoring subjects (SEL 2.6) with as many different learning style interfaces as I could muster from the technology. Presented today is an overview of how Soundcloud, YouTube, blogs, DLD and Wattle have been stitched together to open up options for student learning in this subject ...
2pm Dr Mark Gibeau and Jun Imaki
Blended learning and Japanese language course
A presentation on our ongoing experiment with blended learning in our Intermediate Written Japanese course (JPNS2015) implementing blended learning technologies more effectively in order to enable student centred learning in a large enrolment class. The presentation will include underlying philosophy, how they have implemented wattle, the flexibility that has given the course and student reactions. ...
2.30pm Danielle Anderson
Wattle’s best kept secrets!
Learn about tools in Wattle that you may not know about… This presentation will provide you with an overview (using analytics) of the most under-utilised tools in Wattle and how they could support and enhance your teaching. ...
Thursday 20th September 2012
10 am Dr Catherine Summerhayes
Running Online Courses via Adobe Connect
Having worked with adobe connect in my classes I have been impressed with how students have responded positively to the equipment and software. My presentation will include excerpts from recorded meetings and my own analysis on how useful the platform is and how it changes teaching practice. ...
10.30 – 11.30 Presentation of the Apple Mobile Device Management system

11.30am Glen O’Grady
On-line technologies for enhancing student assessment
This presentation will revisit core ideas in University assessment for learning and explore how on-line technologies, especially those that allow for easy collection and integrated analysis of students work, can be used to enhance the validity and reliability of student assessment. ...
12 noon – 1.30pm Daily – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Apple Display Demonstration – APPLE MAC1 ANU Store will have personnel at lunchtime to Demonstrate the latest Apple equipment and innovative education based products
12 noon – 1pm Presentation of the Apple Mobile Device Management system
(This is a Repeat demonstration of material presented in the Apple Mobile Device Management presentation held in the 10.30 session)
Ethel Tory Laboratory 3 (Yellow Lab)
1.30 ANU Law Team Talking in real-time: web-conferencing in legal education.
Finding the time and space for students (and teachers) to come together for collaboration, discussion and real-time learning is a major challenge we face in Higher Education. Web-conferencing is becoming a more useable and accessible alternative to face-to-face meetings or ‘classes’. This presentation will explore and demonstrative several different ways we areusing Adobe Connect to bring students and teachers together in Law.
Presenters: Tony Cibiras, Ilona van Galen, Angela Mula, Aliya Steed...
2pm Daniel Martin and Malba Barahona
(Interactive Blogging) + Podcasting = Current Affairs (in Spanish)
This presentation reports on the implementation of a social learning pedagogy developed from a practical learning experience in Spanish language learning. This pedagogical framework acknowledges the fundamental role of social engagement in learning a foreign language and the use of technological tools to enhance learning.
In this session we will concentrate on the work we have done to integrate blogging with podcasting in the course SPAN3100 Current Affairs in the Spanish-speaking World (Intermediate), a thematic course in the Spanish Language and Culture major. We show how the interactive nature of blogging was used to complement and enhance spoken interaction and discussion in the course, and also as a tool for students to explore topics that specially interest them in the Spanish-speaking World. ...
2.30pm ANU Law Team
Virtual Office Space: online simulation role-play in legal practice education.
When students enter the Virtual Office Space, they leave behind the world of legal research and exams, and enter the world of the client, the Law Firm and the Senior Partner. This presentation will demonstrate the use of online simulation in legal practice education and facilitate a discussion on the role of simulation and transactional learning in professional learning contexts.
Presenters: Alexandra Knight, Roberta McRae, Anneka Ferguson, Moira Murray, Aliya Steed ...
Friday 21st September 2012
10.30 am Ilona Van Galen
ANU Law Faculty – Innovation and teaching in Law program
Ilona Van Galen is the Communications Convenor and Information Architect for the Migration Law Program, which offers a completely online Graduate Certificate with close to 1,000 students each year. We were recently honoured to receive a Vice Chancellors Special Commendation for Programs that Enhance Learning. We have an innovative approach to our Wattle courses and will showcase this approach.
Ethel Tory Centre Laboratory 2 (Orange Lab)
11am Lynette Johns-Boast
Open source software (WebPA) to help with peer assessment.
Using peer assessment to generate individual marks for work undertaken as part of a group. Does your course have a learning outcome that states students will learn to work as a member of a small team? Have you been grappling with how to assess students undertaking group work which fairly reflects their contribution and ability to work as a member of a small team? WebPA is an open source online peer assessment tool which enables team members to recognise individual contributions and provides course co-ordinators with an easy and fair method of providing an individual mark calculated from the grade given for group work. ...
11.30 Mr Patrick Carvalho
Patrick will be showing a new presentation tool that uses Mandelbrot’s fractal theory to capture the attention of the audience by playing with different zoom angles. It is best described as when ‘Google Earth meets PowerPoint’. ...
1pm Alexander Hayes
Socio ethical implications of location enabled body wearable technologies
This presentation will detail user cases of location-enabled body wearable technologies in higher education, vocational training and industry settings across Australia and New Zealand. This ethnographic study examines the educational significance and related socio-ethical implications of these networked technologies from the perspectives of lead workforce development practitioners, innovators and suppliers. ...

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