Thursday, October 28, 2010

CEA Radar Target Simulator

Greetings from the Australian National University where software engineering student projects are being showed. One of these is the CEA Radar Target Simulator, by Kevin O'Shea, Peter Adams, Edward Hood, Dang Nguyen and Sean Wellsmor. CEA is a Canberra based defence technology company which develops radar arrays for warships. These antennas are being used to refit the RAN ANZAC Frigates and will be installed on the Air Warfare destroyers (working with the US AEGIS system), used for tracking aircraft cruse missiles and ballistic missiles.
The application shall:
• Be written using C++ and Qt
• Operate on a desktop PC running MS-Windows (XP/Vista/7)
• Model 3D (ie bearing, range, elevation) aircraft, missile and surface targets
• Be able to model at least 300 simultaneous targets
• Model own ship movement
• Output target positional information relative to own ship
• Provide basic nautical chart facilities showing land and water, latitude/longitude
• Display ownship position on chart
• Display targets on chart display
• Provide for pan and zoom on chart display
• Allow for operator selection of targets
• Allow for viewing target properties and information
• Generate target trajectories based on a script file
• Allow modification of targets and trajectories during runtime
• Allow for deletion and addition of targets during runtime

There are also a number of features we want to be able to add on later that could be scope for further development if the initial requirements are not sufficient:
• Environment data (eg weather, temperature , wave height etc)
• Electronic Counter Measures (electronic jamming)
• Identification Friend or Foe codes
• Modelling of storm movements
• Chaff (physical jamming) ...

From "Chart based radar target simulator", CEA Technologies, 2010

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