Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beauty Bar for Travellers Sox

Dove beauty cream barWhen travelling, for a week or a month, I take one carry-on sized wheeled backpack, so space is at a premium. In place of soap, shampoo and laundry detergent, I pack a detergent bar, to wash hands, hair and clothes. This looks like a cake of soap, so does not worry security staff as much as a bottle of liquid and bag of white powder would.

Previously I used laundry detergent bar (Sard Wonder Soap), but I noticed this removed colour when washing old socks, so I worried what it might do to skin. Dove beauty cream bar and similar products are detergent bars, using the same sort of mild detergents used in liquid body wash and shampoo, plus some "moisturisers".

I could not find an independent review of the Dove bar, but Choice Magazine rated Dove shampoo highly. I have found the Dove bar works fine for washing hands and hair. It can also be used for hand washing clothes and will still lather in salt water.

Dove Beauty BarAldi are selling regular 100g Dove bars for 99 cents (about four times the price of ordinary soap). But I am using the "extra sensitive" perfume free version which is $2 for 100g in packs of four at supermarkets.

ps: also offer "Dove For Men", which comes in a grey wrapper and presumably has a masculine perfume. ;-)

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Tom Worthington said...

Found the "Eucalyptus" Sard Wonder Soap very good for travelling.