Thursday, October 28, 2010

Graphical Navigation of National Archives

Greetings from the Austrlaian National University where software engineering student projects are being showed. One of these is the"Graphical nagivator of CRS", by Ben Archer, Kin Ho Chan, Donghang Chen and Steven Hutchinson. This provides a graphical way to navigate around the archives records, starting from the Prime Minister, down.
The National Archives holds records that have arisen from successive federal governments since 1901. Over that period, at the time each government has
changed, it has been the practice for the administrative structure of the government to be altered and this has often also occurred within the life of a government. As records have commonly been transferred to the Archives after a significant lapse of time, it is usual for the records to relate to a structure of government that is no longer current at the time of transfer. In order to maintain the necessary provenance ...

From: Graphical nagivator of CRS, by Stephen Ellis, National Archives of Australia, 2010

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