Friday, October 08, 2010

Skills for Electronic Data Management

The ANU asked me to run a course in Electronic Data Management (COMP7420). Previously I tried to align my Green ICT course with the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA). So I went through a list of the skills in the latest version of SFIA (V4), deleting those not applicable. The table below shows what was left. The largest area of applicable skills is under the category "Strategy and architecture", subcategory "Information strategy", followed by "Business change". These are too many skills to teach in a 6 week course and I will need to trim the list down further.

Strategy and architectureInformation strategy Corporate governance of IT
Information management

Information policy formation
Information security
Information assurance
Information analysis
Information content publishing
Advice and guidance

Business/IT strategy and planning

Technical strategy and planningSolution architecture

Continuity management

Methods and tools
Business changeBusiness change implementationPortfolio management

Project management
Business change managementBusiness analysis
Business process testing

Organisation design and implementation
Benefits management
Business modelling
Relationship management
Solution development and implementationSystems development
Data analysis
Requirements definition and management

Database/repository design

Information content authoring

Human factors
Usability requirements analysis
Usability evaluation
Human factors integration
Installation and integration

Service managementService strategy

Service designCapacity management
Availability management

Service transition

Service operation

Procurement & management supportSupply managementProcurement

Quality managementQuality management
Quality assurance
Quality standards
Compliance review
Safety assessment
Technology audit
Resource management

Learning and development

Client interfaceSales and marketing

Client support

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