Monday, October 18, 2010

Conceptualizing Green IT Learning

RMIT's Green IT Observatory has started publishing a useful series of Green IT Working Papers . So far there are five in the series. For me the most interesting is Conceptualizing Green IT Organisational Learning (GITOL), which concentrates on corporate knowledge in Fujitsu. One disappointment with the paper is that it appears to completely ignore the role of formal education in Green ICT (as provided by my Green ICT course).
  1. 5/2010: IT for Green: A Framework for Assessing the Capability of the IT Industry, Alemayehu Molla, Hepu Deng and Brian Corbitt
  2. 4/2010: Exploring The Role and Utilisation of Sensor Information Systems for Greening Data Centres, Adel Alaraifi, Alemayehu Molla and Hepu Deng
  3. 3/2010: Conceptualizing Green IT Organisational Learning (GITOL), Vanessa Cooper, Alemayehu Molla
  4. 2/2009: A Preliminary Report on Green IT Attitude and Actions Among Australian IT Professionals, Alemayehu Molla, Vanessa Cooper, Hepu Deng and Stas Lukaitis
  5. 1/2009: Green IT Diffusion: An International Comparison, Alemayehu Molla, Siddhi Pittaychawan and Brian Corbitt

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