Friday, October 08, 2010

iPads at Moodle e-Learning Event

Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPadGreetings from the wrap-up session of the MoodlePosium at Australian National University in Canberra. Of the twelve people I can see around me in the audience, six have devices in front of them. Three have iPads, one an iPhone, one laptop and I have a netbook. Looking at how these devices fit on the small flip-up desk provided in the lecture theatre, the iPads are the least conspicuous. It would be difficult for the presenter to tell if the audience was using an iPad or a paper notebook, when the iPad is flat on the desk.

However, I found using the the iPad virtual keyboard clumsy and the screen reflections from overhead lights painful. One delegate had a very elegant blue-tooth keyboard and their iPad propped up as a portrait format screen. This was very elegant but very conspicuous.

The iPhone user is hand holding the device. The laptop user has the unit covering the full surface of the small desk with the screen hanging out into space.

A 10 inch netbook seems to fit very well in this environment, not covering the whole desk. An alternative would be the Kensington KeyFolio Case for iPad, which has a built in rubber Bluetooth keyboard. This turns the iPad into a netbook format device.


Jim said...

The iPad has a good footprint for this situation and its battery life is excellent, but its closed technology really sucks. I will be junking mine as soon as I can find an a cheap Android equivalent. Ditto the iPhone.

Lauren Thompson (Kane) said...

Hi Tom,

I was using an iPad at the conference and agree that the reflection on the screen from overhead lights was very painful. I have seen some iPads with a clear matte screen protector, this reduces the glare and makes the screen easier on the eyes.

I find the iPad handy for conferences and meetings, it allows me to do everything I want to in these situations- take notes, check email, follow the twitter feed :) however as it currently is, it would not replace my desktop or laptop.

I am interested to follow how Adelaide University incorporates iPads into their courses now that all students have been given one.


Tom Worthington said...

Lauren Kane said October 12, 2010 2:09 PM:

>... iPads with a clear matte screen protector ...

Yes, there are a wide range of iPad anti-glare screen protectors avialable.

>... iPad handy for conferences and meetings ...

You might consider the Kensington KeyFolio. This has a Bluetooth keyboard build into an iPad case, turning to a netbook-like device. It has rubber keys to make it silent to type on and so it doesn't scratch the iPad screen when closed.