Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Canberra 2030 Planning Report

On 16 October 2010 I attended a Canberra 2030 "Time to Talk Workshop" workshop. The ACT Government has now released an outcomes report on these consultations. Unfortunately the ACT Government has only provided the report as large PDF (3.42MB) and Text Format (4.52MB) files. The report is not provided in an easy to download and read web format.

The most controversial issue with Canberra's planning at present is over the density of residential development around the CBD ("Civic"). In line with the ADC Cities Report: Enhancing Liveability, my view is that the population of Canberra should be increased, to more than one million people, make it more sustainable. This would result in the character of the suburbs around the city and town centres changing, with eight story apartments replacing detached housing.

Also provided are:
  1. Discussion Papers (zip - 7.2MB): With: Canberra in 1990, City Form, Environmental Sustainability, Getting Around, Housing, Land Use & Planning, Liveability and Wellbeing, Living in the Nation’s Capital, Population, Water, and “Who Pays”.
  2. Presentation slides from community forums(zip - 11MB):Community Forums Round 1, 2 and 3.
  3. Reports (zip - 12.7MB): Australia to 2050: Future Challenges – Intergenerational Report 2010, Australian Treasury of the Commonwealth of Australia, Spotlight on Australia’s Capital Cities, KPMG, Cities, Who Decides?, The Grattan Institute, State of Australian Cities 2010 – Infrastructure Australia and The Cities We Need, The Grattan Institute
  4. List of Community Champions (zip - 37KB)
  5. Small Group Reports (zip - 4.8MB) : Boomerang Centre, Forum for people with a disability, Lanyon High School, Weston Creek Community Council, Majura Primary School, Jetty Research report from the Random Telephone Survey
  6. Survey Report (zip - 1.5MB)
  7. Submissions (zip - 36.2MB)
  8. Group/Organisation Submissions (zip - 7.2MB)
  9. Letters to the Editor (Canberra Times) (zip - 4.3MB)
  10. Web Discussion (zip - 1.2MB)

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