Friday, January 07, 2011

Building Signage Symbols

Symbol sign for a RestaurantSymbol Sign for a CafeSybmol Sign for Ice CreamSymbol Sign for SnacksAfter suggesting the AIGA/DOT symbol signs for a coffeeshop and restaurant could be used for a Fish and Chip Shop
I noticed these symbols were used on the sign over the Woolworths Metro, in George Street, Sydney.

Symbol Sign for SnacksSybmol Sign for Ice CreamProfessor Ravi Poovaiah, Industrial design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology provides a very useful Design
of Signage Systems
website. As well as an academic paper "Graphic Symbols for Environmental Signage: a Design Perspective", a set of free "Graphic Symbols for Public Signage System" are provided. This included a Building Symbols set with a symbol for Ice cream and one for snacks (showing a hamburger and a milkshake). High resolution EPS versions of the sybols are provided as well as 600 pixel JPEG versions (it would be better if PNG or GIF versions were used in place of JPEG).

Symbol sign for a vegetarian cafeteriaSymbol sign for a non-vegetarian cafeteriaThere was no symbol for a fish and chips shop, but showing the Indian origins, there is a symbol for "Veg Cafeteria" (Vegetarian cafeteria), with a stylised representation of a Dosa, or flat bread platter, glass and spoon. The symbol for a "Non Veg Cafeteria" (Non-vegetarian cafeteria) shows a plate with a meat clever in the middle of it, with a knife, fork and glass alongside.

Cafe Sign

Here is the completed cafe sign. When printed this will appear on a separate page, so it can be used to make a sign (or can be copied and pasted to a word processor:

Sybmol Sign for Ice CreamSymbol Sign for a CafeSymbol sign for a Restaurant

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