Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stealth PCs for Army Warfighting Experiments

The Department of Defence has issued a Request for Tender for Computer Workstations for the Army Experimentation and Warfighting Facility. The tender is curiously specific, even specifying the cases must be black. The Experimentation and Warfighting Facility conducts annual the "Headline Experiments". The latest HE03, simulated littoral warfare in northern Australia.
Supply and Installation of Computer Workstations
Agency Department of Defence
Category 43210000 - Computer Equipment and Accessories
Close Date & Time 3-Jun-2008 4:30 pm (ACT Local time) ...
Publish Date 5-May-2008 ...


All tenderer’s must have a proven track record in supply and support of PC workstations.

Final specification of initial requested items as below may alter as a result of further testing. Selected tenderers will then be asked to requote if necessary.

Any Submitted tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Minimum Specification for PC Workstation (Gen4) for Army Experimentation and Warfighting Facility – Puckapunyal

- Tower case (Black) 4 bay with min 600 w power supply fitted with quiet fans.

- Total noise output from the case from all sources to be not greater than 45db max.

- Motherboard to be based on Intel X48 chipset, ICH9R chipset, and support socket LGA775, Core2 Dual and Quad processors and to have at a minimum

- 2 x PCI slots,

- 3 x PCI-Express slots ( 1x 4 2x 16),

- 4 x SATA II slots,

- 2 x 1Gb NIC.

- Board to be capable of holding 8 Gb DDR2 400/533/667/800 RAM.

- On board sound must be equivalent to Creative audigy card.

- M/b to support SATA II Hard drives.

- An Intel Q9450 (2.66 Ghz) socket 775 processor is the minimum acceptable processor.

- 4 Gb DDR2 (PC6400) RAM (dual channel) fitted, with expansion to 8 Gb without removing initially supplied RAM

- PCI Express video card with 512 Mb GRAM (Performance to be not less than nVidia GF8800 GT)

- Specification of suitable cards to be supplied by tenderer. Reference card is MSI GF8800 GT PCIE with G92 GPU

- PCI sound card – Creative audigy or equivalent if on board sound not to specification.

- 1 x Seagate 7200.x NCQ SATA II HDD in removable metal caddy (Black). Drive size to be not less than 80 Gb and not more then 120Gb.

- 1 x DVD-R/RW (Black) - Pioneer preferred

- 1 x Sony FDD (Black)


- LCD 22” max 4ms refresh response time. (Black/Silver)

- Must have min resolution of 1650x1050, viewable at min angle of 160 deg. Video and power cable to be min 2mtr lg. (Samsung 225BW is the reference model.)


Three years on site for all components, including BIOS and firmware upgrades during the period. Four hour on site response required once service call initiated. Chosen supplier will be required to hold a selection of spares either on site or be able to supply within the response time.
Specific Points relating to tender quote

1. System must be capable of running Windows XP-SP2, Windows SP (x64 SP2), Fedora 4, 6, 7, 8, Ubantu 7 as well as UNIX.

2. GUID/UUID must be displayed for each system, either as part of BIOS display or on the case.

3. Tender is for Supply, delivery, installation and removal of packaging of 80 systems.

Note: The final number is subject to testing outcomes and price as funding is fixed.

4. Tenderers who meet criteria will be asked to supply one system at no cost to Dept of Defence, based on the above specification and as quoted for testing purposes to be delivered no later than close of tender. System will be returned to supplier on completion of testing. ...

Timeframe for Delivery NLT 26 June 08

Address for Lodgement

Army Experimental Framework (LWDC) BLG 885
Tobruk Barracks
Vic 3662 ...

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