Sunday, May 25, 2008

OECD meeting on ICT and Environment

Professor John Houghton sent me a note to say he is at the workshop the OECD are currently holding a in Copenhagen on ICTs and Environmental Challenges . This is to discuss the environmental impact of ICTs in the knowledge economy. Slides and video from the conference are available online:
  1. A framework for modelling ICT and environmental challenges using future scenarios
  2. From green attitude to green action: The approach of the Norwegian ICT-industry
  3. Eco-innovation in the knowledge economy: Challenges and opportunities for ICT
  4. Comments and questions
  5. The future impact of ICTs on environmental sustainability
  6. ICT contribution to the emergence of carbon-sober social behaviour
  7. ICTs and the environment: A framework for analysis
  8. Comments and questions
  • ICTs in pollution management, cleaner technologies and better resource management
  1. e-Strategies in governments and business
  2. Networks, energy consumption and managing energy use
  3. Impacts of technology-specific applications: broadband access, DSL and fibre access networks
  4. Comments and questions
  5. Energy efficiency in ICTs
  6. Environmental benefits of broadband
  7. How green IT can beat CO2
  8. Comments and questions
  • The ICT producing sector – challenges and progress
  1. Environmental impact of ICT: A conceptual framework and some strategic recommendations
  2. ICTs, resource management and energy efficiency
  3. The Green IT index and firm organisation
  4. Comments and questions
  5. High tech: Low carbon
  6. The TCO label: Marketing, development and certification issues
  7. The changing role of ICT: An industry view
  8. Comments and questions
  • Policy developments, policy issues and implications for future work
  1. The road from Bali to Copenhagen
  2. European policies for ICTs in a highly-efficient, low-carbon economy
  3. The Global e-sustainability Initiative (GeSI)
  4. Comments and questions
  5. Japan's Green IT Initiative
  6. How Public Administration can contribute to a sustainable ICT
  7. The Action Plan for Green IT in Denmark
  8. Comments and questions

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