Friday, May 09, 2008

Australian Government's Multiple e-Recruitment Systems

IP Australia have issued a Request for Tender for "Provision of an eRecruitment System" (IPAC2008/11476 8 May 2008). Unfortunately, this is essentially the same system which two other agencies have already tendered for:
  1. Australian Bureau of Statistics, 7-Mar-2008 (ABS076).
  2. Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, 30-Apr-2008 (DCON/08/10)
These three systems are for the recruitment of staff for the same organization, the Australian Public Service, so it seems unnecessary duplication to have three systems. Perhaps Sir Peter Gershon should look at having one such system, in his Review of Australian Government's Use of Information and Communication Technology.
Provision of an eRecruitment System
ATM ID IPAC2008/11476
Agency IP Australia
Category 43231505 - Human resources software
Close Date & Time 3-Jun-2008 2:00 pm (ACT Local time)
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Publish Date 8-May-2008
Location ACT Canberra
ATM Type Request for Tender ...

IP Australia is seeking tenders for an eRecruitment system to support, facilitate and improve recruitment and selection processes. The product will be capable of managing IP Australia's campaign recruitment (including the Examiner of Patents and Trade Mark Examiner campaigns), job specific recruitment exercises and non-ongoing employment registers. Job specific recruitment exercises may be of an ongoing or non-ongoing nature and incorporate the complete range of Australian Public Service (APS) classifications including broadband positions.

IP Australia is seeking a product that is configurable to meet current and future recruitment needs. The system must have the capability to automate standard workflows and assessment processes and allow authorised IP Australia users to modify and easily manage non-standard workflows and assessment processes as required. The system must also have a capability to report on various aspects and stages of recruitment processes.

Conditions for Participation Tenderers must have demonstrated industry experience in delivering an eRecruitment system and meet all mandatory requirements outlined in the Technical Requirements clause 3.1 of Part 1 of the RFT.

Timeframe for Delivery System implementation is expected to be completed by September 2008. ...

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