Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Multi-Stakeholder Governance

Jeremy Malcolm is launching his book "Multi-Stakeholder Governance and the Internet Governance Forum" at the Melbourne Hotel from 6.30, 28 May 2008 (RSVP to events (a) waia.asn.au). While his sounds a bit esoteric, I suspect this will shortly become as hot a topic with government people and lobbyists as social networking is for business. The idea is to use Internet based tools to provide forums for making policy, without the expense and logistical problems of events such as the 2020 Summit.

If you can't wait for the book, you can read the thesis it is based on, for free: "Multi-Stakeholder Public Policy Governance and its Application to the Internet Governance Forum".
Governance and the Internet Governance Forum
By Jeremy Malcolm ...

Multi-stakeholder governance is a fresh approach to the development of public policy, bringing together governments, the private sector and civil society in partnership. The movement towards this new governance paradigm has been most marked in areas involving global networks of stakeholders, too intricate to be represented by governments alone.

Nowhere is this better illustrated than on the Internet, where it is an inherent characteristic of the network that laws, and the conduct to which those laws are directed, will cross national borders. Thus momentum has developed to bring multi-stakeholder governance to the Internet, through reforms such as the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). In this groundbreaking and incisive book, Jeremy Malcolm examines the new model of multi-stakeholder governance for the Internet regime that the IGF represents, and builds a compelling case for its reform to enable it to fulfil its mandate as an institution for multi-stakeholder Internet governance. ...

* Published on: 2008-05-09
* Binding: Paperback
* 640 pages

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