Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Concord Library

New Concord LibraryGreetings from the Community Open Day of the New Concord Library Sydney. This is a new building. It has several different types of perforated metal sunshades on the north curtain glass wall, as well as what appear to be solar powered ventilation towers, with wind vanes on the top. Two candy cane shaped vents, each more than a metre across, come out of the ground at the western end of the building and are presumably part of a low energy ventilation system.

There are breakout rooms for about six people on the north side with glass sliding doors on both sides of the rooms. When open, these doors provide access between the stacks and a corridor between the curtain wall of the building. When closed the rooms can be used for meetings. The idea of having a space which can be opened for general use when not needed otherwise is similar to that used in the Biological Sciences Library Building, University of Queensland . Other alcoves are on on one side and have two rows of tree PCs. Other alcoves have no PCs and were used on the open day as booths for community displays.

The library is equipped with HP Compaq dc7800 Ultra-slim desktop PCs fitted to the back of HP L1750 LCD screens. This arrangement eliminates the desktop computer boxes, but there still a lot of wires packed behind the units. ASUS's "E-Monitor" built into an LCD screen would suit a library. Most of the PCs are on very functional and solid laminated plywood benches. The hard uncovered chairs might need to be replaced with more comfortable ones.

Curved - jelly bean- computer desks at the new Concord LibraryThere are also some of the "jellybean" desks in the open plan areas, similar to those at RMIT Library Melbourne. Unlike the desks at RIMT, these have very stable legs and may suit a . There are power/data points recessed in the floor under the desks. These are made from stainless steel and look very solid, however the edges of the steel covering plates are sharp and may be a hazard for small children and also careless adults (a run over the edges with a file should fix the problem).
Welcome to your new Concord Library. IT'S YOURS TO
Join us when the opening ribbon is cut by Mayor Angelo Tsirekas at
When: Saturday, 10 May 11am-3pm.
Where: Concord
Library, 60 Flavelle Street, Concord.
There's Something For
tour the library;
join the library;
face painting by Colleen
from Bunnings or Cheekie the Clown;
gift-making for Mother's Day;
feeding of farm animals;
kid's nutrition;
first aid;
public speaking with Concord West Toastmasters;
on Internet, email and databases;
information from University of the Third
Age (U3A);
Canada Bay's history and culture with Concord Heritage Society;
health checks at Health Expo on Level 3; and
meet your community heroes
from the Police, SES and Fire Brigade.
Concord West Public
School choir;
My Guitar School pop music ensemble group;
College performers; and
Funky Butts dance routine.
sizzle, soft drinks, tea, coffee and cakes.

From: Community
Open Day
, Concord Library, City of Canada Bay, 2008

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