Monday, May 12, 2008

eDocument system for New Zealand Railways

The New Zealand Railways Corporation (ONTRACK) has issued a Request for Proposal for a Road Map for Document and Records Management. In 2004 the New Zealand Government bought back all railway track and infrastructure in New Zealand, setting up the Railways Corporation to run it. They now need a recordkeeping system meeting government requirements and are sensibly planning to use this to improve their business. They first need someone to tell them what can be done, thus the "roadmap". There is a 16 page "Road Map to Implement RM DM" document available, which provides a good overview of what is needed to be looked at with records management in an organization:
GETS Reference: 21817
Title New Zealand based opportunityRoad Map for Document and Records Management
Request for Proposal
General Information

In July 2004, the New Zealand Government purchased all railway tracks and associated infrastructure in New Zealand.

The government set up New Zealand Railways Corporation, trading as ONTRACK, to manage and maintain the assets and to provide train control functions.

As a publicly-funded company, ONTRACK must meet the requirements of the Public Records Act 2005, and any mandatory recordkeeping standards issued by Archives New Zealand.

ONTRACK is currently contemplating business excellence concepts that will provide opportunities to leverage innovation. We anticipate total workforce engagement in the uptake of electronic mechanisms to achieve effective and efficient utilisation of our information and knowledge assets. These form the know how of our organisation and are the enablers of our workplace capability.

In addition, the New Zealand government’s transportation strategy, which articulates the development of a safe and sustainable rail transportation system, has sparked a rapid development and growth phase for ONTRACK. This in turn has triggered ONTRACK’s need to develop a strategic approach to the development of its working systems.

An independent document and records management review was carried out in late 2006. The review identified 79 actions for improvement, including the implementation of a shared ECM solution. ONTRACK is positioning to implement many of the improvement options, and requires a roadmap for this work. ...

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