Saturday, May 03, 2008

Power Efficient PCs for Green Web 2.0 Cloud Computing

Recently I was invited to run a workshop in conjunction with an eGovernment conference. Searching around for an interesting topic, beyond the usual "enguaging the public", I tought I might try to combine the grren ICT issues I have been looking at with eGovernment. I came up with "Green Web 2.0 Cloud Computing". The idea is to replace expensive and power hungry desktop computers with thin clients.

Rather than have to worry about installing specialised thin client applications, you can simply use web based ones. This will particuarly suit governemnts with multiple agencies and offices. In place of the multiple "stovepipe" applications agencies usually run, there can be government wide corporate applications, each provided by the specialist agency dealing with that area. So the electronic documents service can be provided by the archives office. Rather than agencies having to look after documents and then hand them over to the archives at the end of their lives, the documents can be borne in the archive. The personnel agency can provide the human resources system, allowing staff to easily move from agency to agency.

But then for a few extra ideas the April 2008 Harvard Business Review has :"Reverse Engineering Google’s Innovation Machine" and "`".

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