Friday, May 16, 2008

Emergency Management Mapping and Information Portal Feasibility Study

The Hawkes Bay Regional Council, New Zealand, have issued a Request for Proposal for a Feasibility Study for a Emergency Management Mapping and Information Portal. There is a nine page document describing the requirements, available to registered companies:
The Hawke’s Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (Hawke’s Bay Region CDEM Group) is a partnership between all local authorities in Hawke’s Bay (being Central Hawke’s Bay, Hastings, and Wairoa District Councils, Napier City Council, and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council).

The Hawke’s Bay CDEM Group are looking to explore opportunities for providing a shared mapping and spatial information portal which will assist the comprehensive emergency Management activities of the Hawke’s Bay CDEM Co-ordinating Executive Group (CEG), Hawke’s Bay Engineering Lifelines Group (HBELG), Hawke’s Bay Emergency Services Co-ordinating Committee (ESCC), Eastern Regional Rural Fire Committee, Civil Defence Emergency Managers and other bodies to fulfill their planning and emergency response obligations.

The objective is to have a common permanent system displaying information from utility operators and information about health and emergency service(s) sites and significant fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) locations so that:
effective and timely access to quality information is available during an emergency in the Hawkes Bay.

the HB CDEM Group Controller can quickly establish the extent and seriousness of the impact of a disaster throughout the region and monitor progress with recovery.
an Incident Controller or emergency service providers can establish the extent and seriousness of issues and determine their priorities and how they can gain access to affected areas or identify potentially at risk communities.
Utility operators can determine impact on the other utilities, upon which they rely, so that they are better able to co-ordinate recovery operations. ...

From: Hawke's Bay Civil Defence and Emergency Management Mapping and Information Portal - Feasibility Study, Request for Proposal, GETS Reference: 21878, Hawkes Bay Regional Council


1. Introduction 3
2. Objective of Study 3
3. Scope of Work 4
4. Methodology 5
5. Responsibilities and Commitments 6
6. Submissions 6
7. Start and Completion Dates 7
8. Appendix 1 8


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